Amiti Noura - Kuwaiti Cuisine Restaurant

Our Story

Founded by Alshaya, Amiti Noura is a world-class food destination, offering a peak into the traditional Kuwaiti kitchen and home.

Who is Amiti Noura?
She is the adoring aunt who takes pride in serving the most
nourishing culinary journey her home can offer. She’s always had a full house where everyone’s welcome, just like every Kuwaiti home. Aromatic herbs and spices are culminated to create a recipe that is passed down from generations to come. She’s part of a golden generation, kindhearted and filled with love as authentic and genuine as her nation. Her smile always adds spice to our day and her food is unmistakably, proudly Kuwaiti.

Amiti Noura is a place where family and friends alike can come and enjoy all the flavors and comforts of home cooking.

Her restaurant, which is so much like her home, is filled with love, hospitality, and memorable tastes.
You’re always welcome here..
Our Values
Amiti Noura brings the most nourishing culinary journey that gathers families and friends with kindhearted home cooking that is traditionally, flavorfully, unmistakably, deliciously, presentably, proudly and authentically Kuwaiti.

Our Vision

At Amiti Noura’s, families and friends alike gather together for heart-warming meals through a culinary experience that carries comforting flavors of a Kuwaiti home kitchen. Her traditional recipes are passed down, contemporarily. Her restaurant is so much like her home; safely ambient with abundant, hospitable and memorable moments. Serving the most nourishing Kuwaiti cuisine that is deeply rooted in generosity, kindness, and authenticity.