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Classic Heritage Meets Authenticity at Amiti Noura’s New Sabah Al Salem Branch
Amiti Noura, Alshaya’s contemporary dining destination with a traditional Kuwaiti kitchen and home, has launched its second branch in Sabah Al Salem, inviting diners to enjoy a taste of classic Kuwaiti home flavours. Amiti Noura, which translates to 'Aunt Noura', pays homage to authentic local recipes and Kuwait's spirit of hospitality.
As cozy and nourishing as an aunt can be, Amiti Noura is the devoted aunt who takes pride in serving the most nutritious meals her home can offer. Her restaurant, which is like her home, is filled with love, hospitality, and memorable tastes. Guests will find a wide variety of classic home-style dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all of which are defined by family recipes and offer a unique combination of distinctive flavours and spices.
Passing by Amiti Noura, the mix of Aromatic herbs and spices coming from the kitchen will entice you to go in and try the specialties. For instance, the classic Riyoug Platter will gather the whole family for breakfast. The Chicken Machbous made extra special for dinner with the signature saffron rice, caramelized onion, and daqous sauce. When it comes to the perfect ending for a meal, the delicious variety of traditional Arabic desserts like Sab AlGafsha and Om Ali will complete your day.
At any time of the day, if you are craving the flavours of home, nostalgia, and comfort, a meal at Amiti Noura is your gateway into the legacy of authentic Kuwaiti cuisine.